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31 thoughts on “2009 Sprint Series Results

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….. This was my first Tri and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Marshalls on the course were worth their weight in gold when it came to encouragement.

    Thanks for a great, well organised and fun event.

    I hope I can return the compliment when some of you come up to Cambridge for our clubs Triathlon in July, or maybe some of our Duathlons.

    Best regards


  2. Thanks for, as usual, a well organised and very enjoyable day today. You even managed to get the sun to shine!!

    Is it posible to few results from 2007 and 2006 as the links don’t seem to work?

    Regards and thanks again

    Peter King (117)

  3. first professionally organised event i’ve entered and i was very impressed by the whole event.
    thought the pre read info, briefing and marshalling were fantastic. please pass on my thanks to all for their encouragement. it really helped hearing your name aswell.
    the swim seemed particularly well organised given the logistics involved.
    my only minor criticism was the lack of toilet facilities. might a porta loo be an option to increase sitting down facilities ? hope to see you again at end of may, many thanks, jack.

  4. Thanks for a most excellent first sprint at Hampton, also my first. Your officiators taking the trouble to check race numbers and spur us on by our names made not only made us feel part of your club but that we had brought our own supporters club with us. The organisation was very smooth, so well done to all those involved. I’ll be back.

  5. Was simply great being my first was so good fun !
    Thank’s see you soon maybe on a longer distance ; )


  6. Thanks for a great triathlon yesterday – again! I especially want to thank the swim starter who had a chat with everyone as they got in the pool and the marshalls! They were absoloutely great – they even called me by name which was very kind
    Thanks & looking forward to the next ones.

  7. Big thanks to all the organisers and marshalls at the Sprint tri yesterday, I really enjoyed myself, more than i ever have doing any triathlon. I’ve done quite a few sprints but this was by far my most enjoyable. So friendly, it beats the huge impersonal scale of London tri hands down. I loved the course layout and the marshalls calling my name, oh man that’s special 🙂 that really made my day, as well as doing a PB. Thank you thank you thank you. See you all again no doubt xxx

  8. A new race organiser and yet again a fantastically organised event, well done turbo’s!

    One small thought, Turbo’s used to go deeper with the age group prizes and I know there’s a credit crunch but everyone loves a prize! Maybe you could re-consider only giving first place to that age cat who work soooo hard week in week out and go back to top 3 in each age group.

    Thanks again guys

    Optima Racing Team

  9. Thanks for a great, well organised race. It was my first tri and I really appreciated the help and encouragement of the marshalls.
    Thank you.

  10. My second Tri ever, the first being 6 years ago. Absolutely fantastic! It was like being part of a family yet in a professionally run event. Clearly a lot of time and effort expended prior to the day to have all the marshalls aligned in checking numbers, using competitors names, encouraging, laughing and smiling made this fun from start to finish. For so many people it is impossible to get friends and family to support at that time of the day but there was support nevertheless through the marshalls (and all of my Serpie clad team-mates). This should be a template for all amateur sporting events. So thank you to TT for organising and to all the marshalls (including the young ones for giving up their days as well). As this is clearly an event that many people use to try out Triathlons, to make it such an enjoyable experience gives the greatest potential to broader and longer term participation in the sport and TT should be proud of its efforts in this regard.

  11. Thanks for a great and enjoyable event. Well organised and especially would like to echo the appreciation of the friendly and supportive marshalls.
    Notice the comment about towels – did I miss a goody bag in my sleepwalking?

  12. Even though many others have already said it, thank you once again for an excellent event. Organisation first class, marshalls encouragement using first names was marvellous. A wonderful setting and course. Keep up the good work, I’ll be back.

    Pete 198

    PS: Please pass on a special thank you for the junior helping hands at the drink station.

  13. Despite get stuck in the torrential storm of the equivalent race last year I came back for my 2nd ever Tri today and loved it (smashed last year’s time which always helps!!).

    The organisation is great and your marshalls are all really friendly. Special thanks to the guy who starts the swim – an individual comment for all 400+ competitors takes some doing 😉

  14. This was my first triathlon and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thought the organisation was superb – thanks to all who made it happen, especially the friendly marshals. The personalised encouragement was a really nice touch. Thanks again!

  15. I would like to thank all the organisers for yesterday. I was on the verge of pulling out when I found that one of my cleats was worn and not clicking in. I fiddled around with it and thought “sod it – i’ll just find a way to get round the cycle section anyway”. But by then I had missed my slot in the swim; as I traipsed off disconsolately one of the marshalls offered me his shoes, another marshall had a word with the starters and I managed to tag on to the end of the first wave. I even ended up getting a PB!!! So thanks to all for making it a great day for me.

  16. Great race on Monday – many thanks to all involved. If anyone found a pair of clear googles with black straps somewhere in the vicinity of no.123 in the tranistion area I would be delighted to get them back. Many thanks, Sophie

    1. We keep all lost property from the race. Please come to Race HQ at the next race, I still have some items from Race 1 as well. If you think that you dropped items on the bike course and you’re not sure where, please check with me at the next race.

  17. Thanks for such a well organised event…everyone was soo friendly and the marshalls cheering you on by name was brilliant encouragement!


    Christine xo

  18. A big thank you to the organisers, marshalls and all those that encouraged and supported. It makes such a difference.

  19. Sprint race 3 was my first triathlon and it was a great expereience, a big thanks to you lot who organised it and the stewards around the course who kept me going!

    Will definately be back in August.

  20. What a great morning I had. Haven’t done a tri since 05 ( last time the bike rack was in the carpark ).

    Would love to know if I’m slower/quicker then my last race.

    Finally many thanks to the marshalls.

  21. I want to say a massive thank you to the marshalls positioned on the bike and run who were brilliant as they offered so much encouragement and one offered some helpfull tips too!!

    The swim was a little frustrating with regard to people not allowing you to overtake… but the main thing is i finished and the sun was shining!!

    Love the free towel too!!

  22. Many thanks to all those who gave up their lie-in’s on a bank holiday to organise/marshal/support. The personalised encouragement and continuous energy from the marshals was ace. Really great event – Thanks.

  23. I did my first in May (race 3 1h 20mins) and am now hooked, and looking forward to graduating from being a Baby Triathlete. This season was not kind to me with dates and so plan to do 2 of the 4 next year as well as first attempt at Windsor and London. Just back from some climate running in Spain 35c phew! Looking forward to training ready for next spring and the start of the the TT series!!

    Great event such great support!
    Cheers TT team.

  24. I did race 4 as my first ever triathlon and I am now completely hooked and looking forward to next year when I plan to do a number of races and work up to Olympic distance.

    Thanks to all at Thames Turbo for the way the event was organised and the great encouragement and support from all the marshalls around the course which made the experience all the more enjoyable.
    See you in 2010!

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