We are keeping a close eye on the weather for Race 1. Currently it looks like there will be a slight improvement in the weather but it will still be cold.

One of the possible options would be to turn the event into a duathlon, to decrease the chances of anyone getting hypothermia! We will keep you posted. Unless the weather is really extreme we still intend to have an event, even if we have to modify it.


Race Director


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  1. Hi,
    I’m entered for the race on Monday, and I really hope we can do the full tri. The issue is clearly people getting out of the pool wet, jumping on the bike and freezing by the time they get to Hampton Court.
    Have you considered changing the order of events? Start with the run course in reverse, just like the aquathlon. Start in groups of say 30, seeded on total time, then transistion to the bikes. At the end of the cycle leg have the usual non-race zone, but don’t start timing again until the competitors get into the water. If too many people arrive at the pool together, hold them and start them at 15sec intervals, and correct the total time.
    Hope that’s helpful.

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