Dear Competitor

The Starting list for the Race  is now done. Just a few gentle reminders and pointers below; please read to the bottom! Please check the weather forecasts and come prepared.

There are no entries on the day, and you cannot take a no-show place instead! We do check IDs occasionally to ensure there are no swapping of entries.

Race numbers are collected at registration on the day and are not posted out, don’t foreget your BTF card if you have entered this category. There is now one race number instead of two per competitor, please make sure that you have a race belt to pin this to. Race numbers must be worn on the back for the bike section and the front for the run section.

The Start List can be downloaded by number or alphabetical order

Start list by number order   

Start list by alphabetical order  

You are positioned in the start order with other competitors with the same swim times as you. If you have been in a different wave on a previous race, no need to email me, you are with competitors of the same ability as yourself !

It is NOT possible to change your swim time or start position from this point onwards.

Please make sure you start in your allocated race position, else you risk being asked to leave the pool to start at the correct time, or missing the race !

Make a note of your race number and the row you are assigned for racking. Please stick to the rows assigned as the numbers of competitors vs rows is exact. Marshals will be there to assist you.

Please come to Hampton Pool on Sunday 5-6pm or EARLY on Monday to register to avoid a long queue at 06:10. Registration Opens at 05:45 and CLOSES at 06:15. Transition and bike racking also closes at 06:15 for the Safety Briefing which everyone must attend. You may miss the race if you haven’t registered in time. You can enter transition again during the race but not with a bike.

Please make sure that you attend the race briefing (even if you have raced before) as further information will be provided at that time:

  • You must have a race belt for your race number. There are a FEW available for purchase on the day
  • We will be checking that your bike helmet fits snugly at transition entrance, in advance of your arrival at the race, please check that the straps are tight enough for your helmet to be secure to speed up your transition entry.
  • Please make sure that your handle bar ends are plugged, these will be checked at transition entrance.
  • Please give your bike the once over to make sure that it’s roadworthy and that the brakes work!
  • Take a look at the RACE PACK so you know the course

If you have any medical conditions that we need be aware of in the event of an emergency, please write these on the back of your race number.

If you have any questions, please email me at

See you at the race!

Hugo Woddis, Race Director


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