Dear Competitors

Here are the starting lists for Race4 on Monday. The alphabetical one makes it easy to find your race number, and shows what row you are meant to rack on.

If you can, please come and register on the Sunday between 5-6pm at Hampton Pool. It will make things smoother on the Monday morning.

Registration on the morning closes at 6.15am in time for the Race Briefing, which all need to attend.

An email with this link will be sent out to competitors shortly



Happy Racing


Race 4 Starting List

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2 thoughts on “Race 4 Starting List

  1. I might be being dumb here, but how do I know my start time from this?
    Does it work on 10″ between competitors or something like that?


    1. Hi Mathilde

      The information on how we do the race is all contained within the Race Pack, and there is more info on the FAQs page, to be found on the Sprint Series website page. It is essential that you read the race pack from start to finish; so I won’t answer the question here!

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