Thames Turbo Triathlon Series Race 1 Race Abandonment statement.


Following feedback from competitors registered for this event, this notification is being provided to clarify the Club’s position on competitor entry for the race on 28th March and the exceptional events that took place.


As a longstanding Club whose purpose is to encourage and support sporting activity within the community this is the first time that an event in progress has had to be abandoned on safety grounds.

The nearest other such situation was full race cancellation in August 2007 in advance of the date due to the foot-and-mouth crisis.

No other race has ever been cancelled in the entire race series history and we want to be transparent on the events before and during the day that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to competitor, marshal and spectator safety.



It is common in the UK and overseas that races will be altered, amended or cancelled on race morning based on weather at the time.

As such, the club had planned our response to adverse weather in conjunction with the race referee so that we could deliver a safe race.


Ahead of the race, the club communicated with competitors to warn of the weather and temperature and to ensure that they had appropriate clothing and competitors could make informed choices.

On Sunday 27th, the BTF official and Race Director scoped the bike course to ensure that an informed decision could be made in the event that the wind did indeed hit the event on Monday.


On race morning, the wind was deemed too strong for safe riding and the format was changed to an Aquathlon. This was communicated at registration and during the race briefing.

Other changes were also made by moving the race briefing and swim staging area indoors to ensure maximum cover for competitors for as long as possible prior to race start including the use of foil blankets where needed.

Once the race started, a second event occurred where Royal Parks closed Bushey Park due to safety concerns around falling branches and trees.

The club had to immediately comply with this decision since competitor, marshal and spectator safety is paramount, forcing the race to be abandoned.


Race Transfer Options.

As stated already, the Club is here to support and encourage sport within the community so we have evaluated how we can provide one-time only alternative options to registered participants so that they can still take part in one of our races. The assumption is that if you signed up for Race1, you wanted to compete.


  1. For the 64% of competitors that arrived and registered for the event, you are able to transfer to another 2016/7 race for free or you can receive a 75% refund if no dates can be found. We will confirm a 2017 slot once we open registration for those races.


  1. For the 34% of competitors that did not attend (DNS-Did Not Start), terms and conditions of the race would usually mean that your race entry is forfeit. However, in this case, the Club will offer a free transfer to another 2016/7 race so that you can still get to race the full event.


Option 1 competitors: Race or Refund. No action is required by you if you registered for the event as you would have received a free entry code (check your spam folder if you haven’t). If you are from this group, only contact the RD (Race Director) if you really can’t make any dates in 2016, in which case clearly state if you want to go on the list for a free entry voucher in 2017, or a 75% refund, and your voucher will be cancelled. Those who have redeemed their vouchers already are considered to have found a suitable date.

Option 2 competitors: Race. An email will be arriving in your inbox soon with a free entry voucher for 2016. Only contact the RD if you really can’t make any dates in 2016, in which case your voucher will be cancelled and you will be added to the list of people eligible for a free entry voucher in 2017.

These offers are time limited and applications for a refund/2017 entry  must be received by Friday 22nd April. Please do not contact the RD with any different requests; it is one person administering all of this part-time, and there are other events scheduled that require attention urgently. This will be the last and final offer.

Races are:

Sprint Triathlons:  2 May • 30 May • 29 August  (Bank Holiday Mondays)

Senior Aquathlon: 9 June

2017 Triathlon races will provisionally also be on Bank Holidays.

We will try to process these requests as quickly as possible but please note that the Club and all events are organised and run by volunteers with the sole aim to promote sport within the community.


Thames Turbo Triathlon Club & Race Director

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