We hope you are all fit and ready for action. A few important points for you:

1. Check the weather forecast. Be prepared for the race conditions. It could be wet and/or cold, and the course is very exposed to wind with no shelter.
2. Please read the RACE PACK so you know what is happening on the day; times, place etc. It will make life much easier for you if you know your way around. THE SCHEDULE HAS BEEN REVISED SLIGHTLY; SEE BELOW. This will be posted at the event as well as being announced.
3. You need a race belt. We sell them at registration for £6. After registering, put your bike and helmet stickers on, put your timing chip on your left ankle securely, and proceed to transition for racking.
4. Everyone must attend their age group briefings; it is for your own safety. Listen out for the announcements. There is a wave start straight after. The race is full so it will be busy at registration and at transition entry for bike/helmet checks, so help us by being on time. There is plenty of parking inside Kempton Park close to registration.
5. BTF Rules. We abide by the BTF rules and competitors must as well. We have a BTF race referee on site; no drafting allowed, and please keep your racking space clear of boxes and large items not required for your race. Keep these items along the perimeter of transition out of the way of competitors.
6. Parents and guardians are not allowed in transition and cannot go beyond the marked out spectator zone. They cannot follow their child around the course; please abide by the rules. We have marshals on hand to assist the competitors to rack etc.
7. If parents or guardians wish to take photos, please ensure you have signed the online photo registration form via the Active registration website.
8. Timing chips. These must be put on the left ankle to guarantee that the sensors pick them up. Make sure they are well attached with the provided straps or we cannot guarantee a time or finish position. They must be returned after your race at exit to transition. Any missing chips will be charged to the competitor at £10.



Starting lists are now published; please check the links below and let us know if there are any errors (eg club or age group).


Non BTF Members will receive an email with an electronic day licence, which they are not required to bring. BTF members must bring their membership card, otherwise they will be required to purchase a day licence for £2


Other than that; enjoy the race. We have  prizes from our Sponsors iRide and Tribe Junior.


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